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Brand Marketing

Your brand has identity and power. Marketing your brand involves tactics, products and communications which strengthen the brand. Consider it an investment in building visibility and value.


Art & Design

PromoLogo USA has two different graphic artists. One concentrates on production work; cleanup, layout, pre-production preparation. The other focusses on creativity, logo concept and design, color story, and reimagining a visual solution - two different skill sets working collaboratively to meet our customer's needs.


Promotional Product Experience

Our partnership with SAGE provides clients with product research of over 1,000,000 products and offers virtual samples of products with the client’s logo so they can see a finished example before production. PromoLogo USA has decades of experience with large and small suppliers who have consistently provided quality products, excellent pricing and on-time delivery.


Apparel Decoration

Many methods of decorated apparel are available. The two most often used are direct printing by ink, or by heat with pressure, and embroidery. At PromoLogo USA, we have years of experience from both sides of the sales chain; as a manufacturer, sales rep, and as a retailer. A great looking embellished garment begins by knowing what techniques are best suited for it and understanding how best to apply it.


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